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Dates for open submissions for YA books

1st -29th February 2024

1st -31st July 2024

Hashtag Ask Us Anything event will be in January 2024 via Zoom. We will discuss the books we are currently looking to publish. 

Unfortunately Hashtag BLAK is unable to accept manuscripts outside of unagented authors at the moment. We are a tiny team and we want to be able to read manuscripts in a timely manner. 

However we have months throughout the year where we are open to unagented authors and would love to read your manuscript. 

Any manuscripts sent outside of the dates above, will not be read.


We are looking for excellent writers with brilliant diverse stories to tell.

Please read the about us before submitting to us. We would prefer books that haven't been published already. 

We love diverse and inclusive books! We are open to debut authors especially those from an underrepresented background.


Please send to

1. The first three chapters of your manuscript, in font Times New Roman, font size 12, double spaced. Just the first 3 chapters regardless of how long or short they are. 

2. A one-page (maximum) author biography including social media links

3. A pitch - just a couple of sentences, like a blurb of the book or elevator pitch. Imagine you find yourself in a lift with one of us - what would you tell us about your book that would make us want to contact you again once you get out of the lift?

4. A synopsis - tell us your story line, crucial parts in the story and the ending

Please send in three separate word documents and not in the body of the email as we will not read it. Any books that are not diverse or inclusive will be a no.

We are a small and very busy team and aim to be in touch within six weeks with a response.

We are currently focusing on commercial books for young adults written by under-represented voices only. We are an imprint that celebrates love - self-love, first love etc.

We love books that are plot driven with relatable characters.

We are not open to picture books, children's, middle-grade or adult books. 

Hashtag BLAK is an imprint of Hashtag Press.

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Co-director Abiola Bello


Co-director Helen Lewis

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