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Aisha Rashid is used to being invisible or bullied and overshadowed by best friend Isabelle. So no one is more surprised than her when Darren Brady, the hot new boy in school, takes an interest in her and not Isabelle. But Aisha is a devout hijab-wearing Muslim and Darren is off limits. Does she follow her heart even if it means losing her own identity? And is Darren really all that he seems? If only there was a way she could keep the boy and her faith. Maybe there is a way? All it takes are ten steps...




On a moon-lit night, Diké, heir to the Kingdom and leader of the terrifying warrior cult, the Ogwumii, finds himself trapped within the secret shrine of the village deity, a dark cave forbidden to all save the powerful witchdoctors. Overnight, the mighty warrior-prince becomes an Osu - an untouchable and outcast. Can Diké find the traitors who orchestrated his downfall and return back to glory? 





It's been over a year since that night and for Amani, the details are becoming a blur. All she knows for sure is she doesn't want to end up like her parents. So, when she moves to a new city, she gets to start all over again. Amani wants to focus on her new life but she is looking for happiness in all the wrong places. Then a face from her past comes back and Amani has to remember everything she has tried to so hard to forget.


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