Nuzo Onoh is a Nigerian-British writer of Igbo descent. She is a pioneer of the African horror subgenre. Her books, The Reluctant Dead and Unhallowed Graves are both collections of ghost stories depicting core Igbo culture, traditions, beliefs and superstitions, all within a horror context. She’s also the author of the novels, The Sleepless and Dead Corpse.


Nuzo’s works have featured in numerous magazines and anthologies, and her contest-winning story, Guardians, is the first published African Cosmic Horror story. She is listed in the reference book, 80 Black Women in Horror and has given talks and lectures about African Horror, including at the prestigious Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, London. Her works have also featured in academic and feminist studies such as Routledge Handbook of African Literature and  Women Write About Comics.


Hailed as the ‘Queen of African Horror,’ Nuzo writes about ghosts, in particular, vengeful African ghosts with unfinished business. Her writing showcases both the beautiful and horrific in the African culture within fictitious narratives.


Nuzo holds a Law degree and a Masters degree in Writing, both from Warwick University, United Kingdom. Nuzo is a member of the Coventry Writing Group.


A Dance for the Dead is the first adult book for Hashtag BLAK will be released in 2021.


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A Dance for the Dead 


Nuzo Onoh

June 24th 2021


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